Nuova Sitec Srl

The company, as it stands today, was founded actually in 1996 as S.I.T.E.C. SRL. Over the years it has undergone some practical and organizational transformations, until it grows to evolve in the current structure.


Of the original nucleus, however, a founding member and good parts of the employees remained, some turned into associates, others remained to their duties and others were replaced by new staff.

NUOVA SITEC SRL, today, is structured like this:

  • n. 4 partners
  • n. 3 administrative employees
  • n. 3 technicians
  • n. 20 workers and trainees

It has legal and administrative headquarters in Cervasca, in Via Monte Mondolè n. 30.


As far as occupational safety is concerned, we are constantly prepared and trained through specific courses on new regulations, first aid courses, fire prevention courses, and training courses for the staff. This continuous commitment has allowed us to not record injuries on construction sites and at our headquarters in the last 5 years. We participated in the latest safety audits at the Michelin plant in Cuneo with positive results.
Customers who turn to us, knows that they can count on the professionalism of the technical and administrative staff, and on a transparent and competitive economic proposal. We are certified UNI EN 1090 with TecnoPiemonte Spa.


From 2010 to today our activities have led us to operate within Italian Michelin sites and also abroad, starting from the site in Romania, followed by Hungary, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Poland; sites where we have built and installed conveyors and storage facilities of various sizes, within production departments of raw material, packaging and finishing, cooking verification and storage.
We can boast, certificates of recognition for the quality, precision, timeliness and efficiency of our interventions, by the technicians of the various Michelin plants in Italy and abroad.